Improving your home may seem a huge task that it is so hard to accomplish.  It is especially true when you are busy or have budget constraints. However, home improvement is not all about huge tasks. 

Home improvement varies from household to household. Just like any project, do it in phases or baby steps, one at a time. It involves refurbishing a single fixture in a room, upgrading fixtures, or simply trimming outdoor hedges. By doing so, the project becomes more attainable. 

Here’s a list of some one-at-a-time home improvements that are easy to accomplish yet promises to leave a lasting impact on your indoor living areas:

Refinish the Bathtub

Refinish your bathtub to make it appear fresh and new once again. When cleaning is not enough because of stubborn stains and scratches, refinishing may be the best route to take. If it is difficult to remove the tub to have the job done in a shop, you can choose to have it done on-site by a bathtub refinishing Norwalk professional near your area. 

If you do the math, you will be surprised to discover that you will be spending less compared with having the tub sent out for refinishing. Aside from some savings, you will be able to see how they fire it. It is easier to communicate any changes before they finalize the work. 

But be prepared to use an alternative bathroom. Usually, it will take up to two days of waiting time for the finish to harden.

A beautiful bathtub can be the focal point of your bathroom, especially if designed with some art involved. 

Upgrade Kitchen Faucet

Outdated fixtures can make a kitchen look too old and drab as if time stood still when you are in it. If you replace them with modern fixtures, your kitchen area will light up, making it more welcoming to family and friends. 

You don’t have to replace every fixture. Just select one or two if you are on a budget. For instance, you might want to replace your standard kitchen faucet with a long-necked one that comes with a detachable spray nozzle. A touchless model is also convenient.  It has become popular among modern households. Just make sure that the new fixture will match your existing ones in terms of color, texture, and build. Despite the change, you preserve seamlessness, a kitchen feature that you cannot ignore.

Convert to Energy Efficient Appliances

Home improvements include converting to energy-efficient equipment or fixtures.  And the benefits are not limited to your household. It extends to your environment and beyond it. Adding to your home’s efficiency increases the value of your property, aside from lowering your monthly bills.

Why not install a lighting fixture that optimizes energy use? Replacing old lights with those that come with dimmers is one way of saving energy. You can also convert from manual to a programmable thermostat and adjust temperatures based on your family’s activities and schedules. 

With the rising cost of utilities, an energy-efficient home is far more valuable than one that is way behind in energy optimization. 

Repaint a Wall

Repainting does not have to be an enormous job when you pick a single wall to apply a fresh coat of paint. Choose a wall in your living area that you wish to be the focal point. When you do, you are creating an impact, an accent that will make a room noticeable and appreciated. Always use a painter’s tape if you are doing the repainting yourself. 

When creating an accent wall through repainting, you may choose a differently textured paint. It is all right if this particular wall is different in design or texture compared with the rest. It is supposed to stand out anyway. What is important is you don’t stray away from your style. If your style is shabby chic or the modern Mediterranean, then stay with it. Repaint an area in your living room that will draw attention. A rich tone of light gold is best for a modern Mediterranean theme. If you want to achieve a distressed look on one wall, pale colors will work best. For shabby chic lovers, sponging and rag rolling techniques will add depth to your wall.

Change Floorings 

Changing an entire flooring is way too expensive. But if you want to achieve something dramatic without putting a strain on your savings, why not focus on your powder room instead. Space is smaller and will not require too much tile replacement. 

When deciding on how to retile a powder room, remember that the eyes are naturally inclined to follow a line. So when laying the tiles yourself, line it along with long elements of your powder room. It may be the vanity or the bath enclosure.

Choose bigger tiles over smaller ones. Also, purchase tiles with basic patterns. Another tip is to select a tile with simple textures. When you choose based on these guidelines, you may transform your powder room into one that appears big and more open.  

From Indoors to Outdoors

Improving your indoor living spaces is one way of increasing the value of your home. But do not leave off the outdoors. This space, the front lawn or porch area are one of the first to get noticed by guests or people coming over for a visit (or inspection if you are selling). And the truth is, you get judged by how your front yard looks. 

Every time you see a well-maintained lawn, you will most likely assume that the owner likewise maintains a clean and efficient household. Meanwhile, if you chanced upon a shabby front yard, you will most likely conclude that the homeowner is living in an unkempt home.

Because first impressions do last, here are ways to create an outdoor area that speaks positively of you:

Improve the Landscape

A Good-looking landscape does not have to be that expensive. You can improve yours with less. By keeping your lawn clean and well-trimmed, you will increase your curb appeal and the value of your home.

And unlike indoor improvements, enhancing your outdoor living space may need regular and scheduled small tasks on your part. It won’t be a one-time or once-every-five-year project. 

Once a week, mow the lawn and keep it looking at its best. With little effort, you will have a yard that looks freshly trimmed throughout the year.

If you have hedges, trim it once a month at the least. Keep it in shape all the time. Do you have tall trees in your yard? Make sure to cut them so that the low branches do not get in the way of people walking underneath. It is nice to stay and relax under the shades of a tree if there is a comfortable gap overhead. 

Are there weeds in your front garden? Pluck them out regularly before they cover large patches of your lawn, making it harder to eradicate. Some people use a spray to kill weeds. If this is convenient for you, just make sure to keep it off your precious potted plants. Use fertilizer to keep your plants healthy looking.

Beautify with Lights

Outdoor lighting done in good taste can make a big difference. You might want to use solar lights to line the walkway leading to your main door. The advantage of going solar is that they are not that complex when it comes to installation. They also offer some safety when installed on walkways. You can also use lights with a minimal voltage close to your flower bed to add more accent and appeal. 

Moroccan themed lights are best for your patio. These may serve as conversation pieces because of their distinct metal design. If you have a big expanse of an empty wall outside, siding lights provide accents to make it less drab. Choose siding lights that can be angled downwards. It will highlight your landscape and give it a classy glow.

Nowadays, it is typical to see lighted mason jars and clear glass jars used as lanterns in yards and gardens. Some hang them on the tree branches. If you fancy this, make sure to protect them from rain and other elements.

String lights are also growing in popularity. If you plan to put them up, make sure that you purchase those that are sturdy and made to last long despite being in the outdoors for years. I

If you wish to be clear about boundaries between the garden and your front porch, why not install bollard light stands. Many bollards come with LED bulbs. These have gained popularity among commercial establishments. But of late, many homeowners have been buying these lighting types for security purposes and outdoor decor.

Focus on Your Main Door

Remember our tip about one-at-time? Painting only your front door can do wonders when you intend to get a better curb appeal. Be bolder this time by choosing a bright color. Try orange or even red for a change. Try to take some risks when thinking of colors. It is good to do the unexpected sometimes. If your facade is sunny yellow, why not pair it with a deep blue color on your front door. 

Another trend is using layers of black. A black or charcoal gray door goes well with facades that are wood and brick. If you love modern and minimalist themes, go for these hues.

Update Shutters and Sidings

Updating your shutters does not necessarily mean replacing them. You can enhance their beauty by just a splash of new color. You may match its color with that of your front door if you are repainting it too.

Repainting the sidings will likewise create a fresh, clean look to your home. But be sure to replace any broken ones before embarking on a repainting job. A vinyl siding is sturdy, but just the same it gets accidentally cracked. A broken siding can be an eyesore. Better replace it. Take a broken piece and bring it with you when shopping for a replacement. That way, you will not make the mistake of buying one that does not match the rest of the sidings that are not due for replacement.

Play with House Numbers

And why not? House numbers are visible parts of your facade. Guests and friends who are visiting look for your house number all the time. So, giving them a makeover is a good take on home improvement. And it will not be that expensive.  If your old house number is outdated, try buying one with wood design. Be creative. Break out of the conventional. Why not make oversized house numbers made out of concrete. It is a DIY project that any average homeowner can take on with ease.  Install these extra-large numbers on the front yard. Add lights for perfect visibility.

Install Planter Boxes

Window boxes with plants bring about lush colors to your home’s facade. It is one project that is simple and works to beautify your outdoors in an instant. Buy pansies, petunias, and other flowers with cascading beauty. Don’t limit yourself to flowers. Herbs in window boxes work well too.

Retile the Porch Floor

The porch floor is a small bit of space that you can easily retile (or even paint) to complete the overall appeal of your porch. If you want to up it to the next level and if it matches the design of your home, go graphic. Floor tile with graphic design adds personality and style. Once done, add a simple wrought iron chair and two to three potted plants in one corner. 

Improving your home is not just about making it look good. When you refurbish it, you are also increasing its value. Adding value to home involves fixing the interior and exterior living spaces. And it does not have to be a project that is so big you cannot even finish it. If you do it at your own pace, one-at-a-time, taking small but sure steps, you get the visual appeal that you have been aspiring for in no time.